Board for the Authorisation of Plant Protection Products and Biocides

Biocidal products

Biocidal products are all substances or mixtures consisting of, containing or generating one or more active substanceswith the intention of destroying, deterring, rendering harmless, preventing the action of, or otherwise exerting a controlling effect on harmful or undesired organisms.

Biocidal products are divided into 22 product types.

On which criteria are biocidal products assessed?

In the Netherlands, biocidal products can be used or traded only if they have been authorised. To this end, the Ctgb evaluates biocidal products regarding their effects and risks, focussing specifically on the following:
  • efficacy
  • environmental effects
  • effects on humans
  • physicochemical properties
To conduct the assessment, the Ctgb uses an assessment framework. This is the collective name for laws and regulations, national and international policies and guidance documents with scientific content.

More information: Assessment Framework

How do we conduct an assessment?

To obtain an authorisation for a biocidal product, you must compile an application dossier. The application dossier contains various types of information about the product and its use. Upon submission of an application, the first step is to determine whether the active substances contained in the product have already been authorised in Europe. This can influence the subsequent procedures.

Various procedures and dossier requirements apply, depending on the type of authorisation that is requested.

More information: Application types

Evaluation Manuals

The Ctgb develops so-called Evaluation Manuals. These are technical instructions for internal use containing information, standards and calculation models that are used to conduct the assessments. They cover both the zonal (European) and national authorisation requirements for biocidal products; they are divided into 8 domains.

The Evaluation Manuals are periodically updated in accordance with new laws and regulations, and they are published in English.

More information: Evaluation Manuals